digital engagement, comedy and sexual health


This project was funded by the Australian Research Council and TRUE, previously Family Planning Queensland.

The project examined the use of digital methods to evaluate the efficacy of using comedy to reach young men with information about healthy sexual development. Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections are rising among young people aged 16-29 in Australia and research shows that young men are poorly served with information about healthy sexual development. The project took an entertainment-education approach, evaluating the use of digitally-distributed entertainment videos to reach young men with this information. I moved back to the UK during this project and it was taken over by Jean Burgess at QUT. A paper based on some of the early findings is available here: McKee, A., Albury, K., Burgess, J., Light B., Osman, K. and Walsh, A. (2018) Locked down apps vs the social media ecology: why do young people and educators disagree on the best delivery platform for digital sexual health entertainment education? New Media and Society 20(12), 4571–4589.

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