class, apps and classical music audiences

This was a year-long collaborative research project focusing on the London Symphony Orchestra’s (LSO) development, implementation and testing of a mobile ticketing and information system. This ticketing system was developed in association with the LSO’s technical partners, Kodime Limited and in collaboration with the Aurora Orchestra.

The project report can be found here.

Journal papers published from the project include:

Crawford, G., Gosling, V., Bagnall, G., and Light, B. (2016). Branded app implementation at the London symphony orchestra. Arts and the Market (Forthcoming).

Crawford, G., Gosling, V., Bagnall, G., and Light, B. (2014). An orchestral audience: classical music and continued patterns of distinction. Cultural Sociology, 8(4): 483-500. (Access here)

Crawford, G., Gosling, V.K., Bagnall, G. and Light, B. (2014). Is there an app for that? a case study of the potentials and limitations of the participatory turn and networked publics for classical music audience engagement. Information, Communication and Society, 17(9): 1072-1085. (Access here)

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