gender, sexuality and digital media

This is an ongoing project with Elija Cassidy at QUT.

This project started out as an attempt to build on feminist technology studies and masculinity studies by attending the to gendered nature of digital media consumption by men. In particular, the project wanted to go beyond gay men and hooking up with digital media and to explore a range of everyday experiences a wide group of men might have. The slides above are a very basic interpretation of some early data that we presented for feedback at a symposium. We have since extended the study to ask the same questions of women and this process will be complete mid 2016.

The study is comprised of an online survey which collected quantitative and qualitative data regarding the consumption of digital media in everyday areas of life such as leisure (including shopping, digital gaming and sports), connecting at work, health and wellbeing, and intimate relationships (dating, sexting and porn).  These are accompanied by a range of interviews undertaken with a diverse group of men and women.

This work will be translated into a book length study which we hope will be published in 2018 along with several journal papers.